Conference Papers

The Reincarnation of the Effective Schools Research: Rethinking the Literature on District Effectiveness – Tina Trujillo

Improving School and District Accountability Through Expanded Measures of Performance – Laura Hamilton and Heather Schwartz

Formative Experimentation: The Role of Experimental Research in Program Development – Jonathan Supovitz

Supporting Teacher Learning to Improve Classroom Assessment in Science – Bill Penuel and Angela Haydel DeBarger

Studying Districts in Ways That Might Make a Difference…. –  Karen Seashore Louis

Portfolio District Reform Meets School Turnaround: Early Implementation Findings from the Los Angeles Public School Choice Initiative –  Julie A. Marsh, Katharine Strunk, Susan Bush

NYC’s Children First Networks: Turning accountability for district improvement on its head – Penny Wohlstetter and Joanna Smith


Districts, Local Education Authorities, and the Context of Policy Analysis – Karen Seashore Louis

Diversity in the middle: Broadening Perspectives on Intermediary Levels of School System Improvement – Stephen E. Anderson

Systemwide Reform Under Pressure: A Global Perspective on Learning and Change – Louise Stoll

Special Journal Issue

Journal of Educational Administration

Volume 51 issue 4

Special Issue (2013): Systemwide reform: examining districts under pressure
Guest editor(s): Alan J. Daly and Kara S. Finnigan

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Thinking and Acting Systemically: Improving School Districts Under Pressure published in 2016 by the American Educational Research Association.